How to Date During the Pandemic Without Going on Another

The epidemic has taken the dating from a difficult and necessary evil to a fundamentally impossible and dangerous temptation. But with decreasing COVID-19 cases at the United Nations and increasing vaccination rates daily, you’ll be able to stumble through an awkward date again, just like in the old days. And when you do, why would you go to… Read More »

Where is Is Back, and Here’s How It Works

The beloved social media music site Turntable.FM is making a surprise comeback in 2013, almost eight years after its closure. In fact, there are two new versions: the original Turntable.FM, recently revived by founder Billy Chansen and Mobile -Focus Turntable.OR, produced by several Turntable.Fam alums. While both services allow users to create and host personalized avatars or join… Read More »

What is Hackers Just Looted Passenger Data From Some

SITA, a data company that works with some of the world’s largest airlines, announced on Thursday that it had fallen victim to a “highly sophisticated cyber-attack”, the likes of which tied up with hundreds of thousands of airline passengers worldwide. The attack, which took place in February, targets data stored on SITA’s passenger service system servers, which are… Read More »

How to Utah Lawmakers Pass Bill to Require ‘Porn Filters’ on

Put one out for all the horned people in Utah, y’all. The state legislature has passed its “obscene filter” bill, which will mandate a default filter for “is harmful to the ingredients” on all tablets and smartphones sold in the state starting in 2022. House Bill 72 — its official title — was passed this week from the… Read More »

What is Latest Microsoft Hack Looks Like It Could Be

Microsoft announced this week that another of its email products, Exchange, had compromised through a hacking campaign. This recent hack is actually completely unrelated to “SolarWinds”, in which Microsoft also played an external role. A state-sponsored threat actor from China called “HAFNIUM” exploits many zero-defects worldwide on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers in an apparent effort to steal data. Exchange… Read More »

How to Site Spits Out AI-Generated Rejection Emails so You

It can be a pain to crush the hopes and dreams of a star-studded startup, but now you can make that emotional labor heartless in return. Because rejection doesn’t have to hurt … Wrong, you don’t, at least I mean. It is, unfortunately. An online tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate rejection emails. It is the latest… Read More »

The One of the Nation’s Largest Pipelines Caused the Biggest Spill

As long as you live in Huntersville, North Carolina, you will be unaware that America has the largest gasoline spell since the last summer of 1997. Slightly unfolding in the state, little reports include a company controlled by special interests such as the Koch brothers and Shell, and a pipeline that has been transporting filthy energy for decades.… Read More »

What is Facebook Is Reportedly Under Investigation for

According to Reuters, Facebook’s hiring practices and promotions are under federal scrutiny following reports of widespread racial bias. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has launched a “systemic” investigation into the social media giant, indicating that it is suspected that internal policies may contribute to a culture of discrimination. In July, Facebook operations program manager Oscar Vencezzi Jr., who… Read More »

The Whatever Reason, People Are Willing to Pay up to $10

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet is quite well-known on the platform. Published almost 15 years ago, the tweet reads, “Just setting my twist.” While there is no doubt that it is meaningful in popular culture, Dorsey clearly also feels that it has received monetary value. And it appears that he is right. Dorsey posted a link to… Read More »

Where is Tesla Created a Platform for Tesla Stans to Take

Tesla is using the power of its stance to help it pursue its goals. In recent times, it launched a social platform Tesla Engage, which brings together its public policy team and Tesla’s Owners Club. Tesla Engage, which soft-launched last year, will replace the official Tesla Forum, where Tesla fans, investors, and verified owners can talk about things… Read More »