Digitizing our Existence

Sure, it sounds good, yet this “virtual twinning” effectively expands the possibilities of both the “world of atoms and the world of bits”, as the Holoons’ inventor Alex Kipman explicitly notes a TED talk. , Which has been viewed more than 3.5 million times. This is not some distant blue-sky thinking. An entire ecosystem is already emerging around… Read More »

Report: Managing the Supply Chain With AR

In manufacturing, the supply chain manager is responsible for the flow of goods and services, including all processes that transform raw materials into final products. An important aspect of this is inventory management. In the most underdeveloped (but surprisingly still common) scenario, inventory managers are tasked with counting and logging each piece of inventory, comparing these with the… Read More »

Climate change: Amazon may be turning from friend to foe

Brazil’s Amazon absorbed about 20 percent more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than in the previous decade, according to an astonishing report that shows humanity that the world’s largest tropics is helping to absorb man-made carbon pollution. One cannot depend on the forest. From 2010 to 2019, Brazil’s Amazon basin dumped 16.6 billion tons of CO2, while dropping… Read More »

Wildfire smoke trends worsening for Western US

From the Pacific Northwest to the Rocky Mountains, summers to the west are characterized by wildfires and smoke. New research from the University of Utah links the deteriorating trend of extreme poor air quality events in western regions with wildfire activity, with increasing trends in air quality clearing fumes in September. The work is published in Environmental Research… Read More »

Antarctic ice-sheet melting to lift sea level higher

According to a new study by Harvard researchers, previous studies have significantly reduced global sea level associated with the possible collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet. The report, published in Science Advance, has made new calculations for what the researchers refer to as the water removal mechanism. This occurs when the solid bedcraft of the West Antarctic… Read More »

How to Guy Who Literally Coined ‘Net Neutrality’ Now Works

During the rule of Telecom, the rules of the Internet have been seen to be flying, at least it is expected to come. The New York Times reports that Joe Biden has elected Tim Wu, who is credited with defining fundamental concepts such as Net Neutrality, in a new role as a special assistant for technology and competition… Read More »

What is Paramount+ Is Extremely Late to the Party and

CBS All Access is no more and in its place has emerged Paramount+, the latest service to vault into the streaming fray as a paid subscription offering. But Paramount+ also arrives at a tough time for smaller services, which are competing—whether they admit it or not—against much larger giants like Disney+ and Netflix. So, where does Paramount+ fit… Read More »

Where is Stop Letting Google Get Away With It

After spending more than a decade making huge profits from targeted advertising, Google announced on Wednesday that it plans to target any kind of personal tracking and cookies when it gets out of the picture. In many ways, the announcement is Google’s way of doubling its long-running pro-privacy announcement, starting with the company’s early 2020 resolution to eliminate… Read More »

How to PlayStation Plus’ Monthly PS5 Games Before

PS Plus continues to offer “free” games to customers, and in recent months, has even begun offering PlayStation 5 games. If you still don’t have an impossible-to-find PS5, you’re not quite S.O.L. You just have to claim those games through a web browser. For $ 10 per month (or $ 60 per year), PS Plus allows members to… Read More »

The An ROV Is Making Incredibly Detailed Maps of the

About 20 miles (32 kilometers) off the California coast, the 10,500-pound (4,7630 kg) remote submersible Doctor Rickets swept his strobe lights and sonar pulses into the seafloor like a transform silent disco. The vehicle was not merely putting on a show for the deep sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean. It was mapping the terrain and ecology of a… Read More »