A fair deal for all

When your government can’t match the research grants paid to affluent laboratories in North America, Europe, and Japan, it would be especially sad to pay more than your wealthy competitors for standard laboratory equipment and materials. The extent of the problem has been revealed this week by a Nature survey by researchers in Germany, Poland, the United States… Read More »

How to Gene politics

The revelation in April that scientists had edited the genome of a human embryo — an inevitable development for anyone paying attention to biotechnological advances — has sparked the biggest bioethical debate of the year and one that will last for decades. The overwhelming consensus is that such embryos should not be terminated in clinical settings – at… Read More »

Practical policies can combat gender inequality

How can science solve the problem of gender inequality? This is an ongoing issue that has been highlighted again by controversy over recent comments by Nobel laureate Tim Hunt about his “trouble with girls?” The problem in biomedical research was clearly demonstrated to me in 2009, just before I became director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute… Read More »

Reproducibility: Don’t cry wolf

Major discoveries in particle astrophysics and cosmology have been announced in the past few years. The list includes neutrinos faster than light; – particles of dark matter that make up the rays; X-rays are scattered from the nucleus underground; and even evidence in the cosmic microwave background for gravitational waves caused by the rapid inflation of the early… Read More »

Rachel Park’s Top 5 3D Printing Applications

2014 has certainly been a wild ride – the 3D printing industry is maturing. As a result the number of stories about the technology and its applications is growing rapidly and keeping up with it has been the wild bit. And, when I say ‘stories,’ I also include real stories, close-knit stories and a whole lot of bullshit… Read More »

Mark Lee’s Top 5 3D Printing Advances

This year has passed, and with it, there has been a flurry of technological and creative advances in 3D printing. With such an abundance of news and ideas, I thought I might share the 5 advances I found most impressive. So, in no particular order: 1.) JuicyPrint (aka: The Orange Juice & Bacteria 3D Printer) That’s right, an… Read More »

DELTAWASP 3D Printer Review: Ducati DELTA 3D Printer

Any 3D printer is a construction robot, but any 3D printer, regardless of the technology involved, looks more like a bot built using the Delta architecture. The first Delta 3D printer I’ve had the opportunity to test and play with for a while is the DeltaWASP 20×40, manufactured by Imola, Bologna-based WASP. This is the company whose founder,… Read More »

A new window to see hidden side of magnetized universe

New observations and simulations suggest that jets of high-energy particles emitted from a central massive black hole in the brightest galaxy in galaxy clusters can be used to map the structure of invisible inter-cluster magnetic fields. These findings provide astronomers with a new tool to investigate previously unexplained aspects of clusters of galaxies. As clusters of galaxies grow… Read More »

Scientists model Saturn’s interior

New Johns Hopkins University simulations provide an interesting look into Saturn’s interior, suggesting that a thick layer of helium precipitation affects the planet’s magnetic field. The models, published this week in AGU Advance, also indicate that Saturn’s interior may have higher temperatures in the equatorial region, with lower temperatures at high latitudes on top of the helium precipitation… Read More »

Machine learning accelerates cosmological simulations

A universe evolves billions of years into billions of years, but researchers have developed a way to create a complex simulated universe in less than a day. The technique, published in this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, brings machine learning, high-performance computing and astrophysics together and will help usher in a new era of high-resolution… Read More »