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 Talati Recruitment is Coming Get Ready Official Letter Announced  Official Notification: Click here New Minister Brijesh Merja’s big announcement coming soon 15000 vacancies in the state. Schedule of Alternative Examination for Std. 12 announced, the first paper to be taken on this date, examination to be taken in two sessions daily  Source vtv

Gujarat Na Melao Pdf Free Download- By Gujarat Government

 Gujarat Na Melao Pdf Free Download- By Gujarat Government.  Gujarat ranks highest in the country in terms of number of fairs conducted every year. There are close to 3500 fairs conducted annually here. These fairs are mostly organised by the tribal population. Therefore, these fairs, in addition to reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the place, also reflect… Read More »

National symbols of India by Liberty Academy PDF Download 2021

 National symbols of India by Liberty Academy PDF Download 2021 The Republic of India has several official national symbols including a historical document, a flag, an emblem, an anthem, a memorial tower as well as several national heroes. The design of the national flag was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly just before independence, on 22 July in… Read More »

Most Important PDF Material for Gujarat Forest Examination 2021

Most Important PDF Material for Gujarat Forest Examination 2021 Hello readers welcome to Gujarat Rojgar official Educational website. here we are going to discuss about gujarat psi study material. Recently gujarat police has announced several psi job notification for the post of the asi and psi. After many month this notification has come out so the waiting period… Read More »

GMDC Recruitment for Apprentice Posts 2021

 GMDC Recruitment for Apprentice Posts 2021 Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited (GMDC) is a major Indian state-owned minerals and lignite mining company based in Ahmedabad. GMDC was founded in 1963 Its product range includes essential energy minerals like lignite, base metals and industrial minerals like bauxite and fluorspar. Gujarat government as given its green signal to GMDC to… Read More »

ગુજરાતનું નવું મંત્રી મંડળ જાહેર

 મુખ્યમંત્રી — ભૂપેન્દ્ર પટેલ કેબિનેટ મંત્રી 1. રાજેન્દ્ર ત્રિવેદી 2. જીતુ વાઘાણી 3. ઋષિકેશ પટેલ 4. પૂર્ણેશ મોદી 5. રાઘવજી પટેલ 6. કનુ દેસાઈ 7. કિરીટસિંહ રાણા 8. નરેશ પટેલ 9. પ્રદિપ પરમાર 10. અર્જૂનસિંહ ચૌહાણ રાજ્યમંત્રી 1. હર્ષ સંઘવી 2. જગદીશ પંચાલ 3. જીતુ ચૌધરી 4. બ્રિજેશ મેરજા 5. મનિષા વકીલ 6. મુકેશ પટેલ 7. નિમીષા સુથાર… Read More »


 Imagine yourself standing at the height of 14000 feet in the west Himalayan range. All around you and as far as your eyes can see, there are flowers and flowers! Emerald mountains, green meadows, white clouds and colourful patches of flowers create a dreamlike panoramic view. What place is this? Can you guess? It is a vibrant and… Read More »

Ecology for peace

 The Vedas(à) sing about oneness of man and nature. The idea expressed in ancient texts have universal value. We have always tried for preservation and prosperity of all the species including mankind on this earth. The Atharv Veda gives us a great idea: यत्र विश्वम् भवति एकः नीडः। It means the whole world lives as one single unit… Read More »


 It was a cool windy evening. There were sudden creaks as little branches of tree broke in the strong breeze and fell. Reshma was sitting in the balcony of their flat on the first floor. She was watching children playing in the park. The children did not mind the strong breeze or the yellow leaves of neem tree… Read More »