MBO Partners Adds HR Technology to Support Remote Workers

By | October 20, 2021

When Kelly Beckner, the company’s vice president of human assets at MBO Companions, began switching employees to remote work because of the pandemic, she realized that a major priority was figuring out how to accommodate a new distant workforce.

Ashburn, Va. Headquartered in the U.S., MBO Companions is a software program firm that helps self-employed professionals and their buyers to venture out.

MBO Companions has 175 US employees and 35 global employees who moved to remote work in March 2020. The next summer the company decided to move entirely to the remote-work setting.

Baker noted, “The company reviewed its technology stack to take a look at implementing new technologies that would aid the way in which we were working.”

To maintain its dedication to continuously interacting with employees in remote-work settings, MBO Companions invested in the software program of Seattle-based Tiny Pulse. Tiny Pulse is an worker engagement and suggestion platform that delivers surveys and helps employers create their own questionnaires. Nameless group responses are displayed on a dashboard along with response fees, common scores and benchmarks to help employers monitor key data and reveal trends.

“We implemented Tiny Pulse to help support the employee experience we’re building,” Beckner said. “This allows us to collect suggestions from each of the smaller pulse-oriented surveys and into the larger full engagement surveys in some particular item or topic in real time. We are also able to test the greater engagement and expertise of employees.”

Backner additionally uses the Tiny Pulse platform for onboarding. Year after year the company saw 9 employees resign and 16 new positions added.

“New employees go through a sequence of 4 surveys given at one week, two weeks, 4 weeks and 12 weeks,” Beckner noted. “Those are the questions we developed that allow us to see each [employee] evolution of their position and their adaptation to the corporate.”

To find out the competencies of employees and help them achieve their goals, MBO Companions implemented 7Geese, a competency administration platform that tracks the efforts of an employee in addition to the collaborative effort of an employee. does. The device, which was bought by human capital management company Paycor in the fall of 2020, also helps steer the company’s path.

“The 7Geese platform allows us to view and present our progress towards our company’s goals and key results,” Beckner noted. “Managers and employees can monitor where we are as a company, how we are progressing, where we are achieving these goals and their contribution to these objectives and key results.”

The 7Geese dashboard helps the remote workforce see what the company is doing on each mission or process and drives collaboration through tools that allow managers and employees one-on-one suggestion classes during their workday give.

“It provides managers and employees with real-time options to regulate what they can do as company objectives and priorities change,” Baker noted.

listen to retain workers

One danger is that many organizations use these platforms to convey their message to employees, but workers don’t listen and don’t listen to emotion, said lead analyst Masking Employee Expertise at Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Analysis Inc. David Johnson said.

“The emphasis of many firms that buy communication equipment is ‘How do I notify my worker extra? [or] ‘How can I tell them what I want them to hear?’ And listening is a part of it later,” he noted.

Firms can retain their employees when HR managers acknowledge employees and reward them for the specific issues they do on behalf of consumers and the corporate.

“Employee identification helps firms hire employees and not experience burnout,” Johnson said.

To prevent that burnout and enhance wellness, MBO Companions has teamed up with Innova Wellbeing Systems, a non-profit wellness care group based mostly in Falls Church, VA. MBO employees use Innova’s Wellness Portal, a gamification platform with targeted tasks and challenges. Mindfulness, finance, health, leisure and diet.

While Beckner described his company’s employees as working on the foundation “one hundred pcs away”, he said that employees would be able to access their new Ashburn, VA, location on an as-needed basis through the hotel software program, Envoy. given a chance to do so. . Through the Envoy app, employees can e-book a desk and reserve a workspace once they return to the workplace.

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