Government exploring new technology to overcome telecom

By | October 19, 2021

Union Minister of State for Communications Devusinh Chouhan today said that the Central Authority and the departments involved are exploring and developing new applied science to overcome the connectivity challenges within the North East (NE).

Recognizing that connectivity within the Northeast continues to be a significant problem due to its geographical location and hilly terrain, the Union Minister nevertheless assured that the Center will make no effort to strengthen telecom companies within the Northeast.

Chouhan was addressing a joint gathering of state officials and representatives of the Department of Telecommunications and Posts at Police Advance, Chumoukedima.

Describing the Department of Communications as the oldest and the youngest in terms of application of modern science, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and future was to bring telecom connectivity to every village in the country.

“While the implementation has been delayed due to the pandemic, it is now anticipated that the implementation will accelerate,” he said, adding that “there is no paucity of funds for the reform of the telecom sector.”

“I guarantee you that there will be an increase in the security of the telecom community connectivity apart from raising funds for additional telecom development for the state of Nagaland,” the Union Minister said.

Emphasizing on the importance of connectivity in the world’s largest democracy and a country with over 6 lakh villages, he said, “If connectivity reaches the last mile, then democracy has reached the last mile.”

The Union Minister of State lauded the state of Nagaland for being a “shining example” in terms of teledensity, which he described as the best among many northeastern states. Asserting that the Northeast is “the first priority of the Modi government,” Chouhan further said that the primary objective of his visit was to firsthand know the connectivity challenges in the North East and how you can overcome them.

Nagaland Advisor for Information Expertise and Communication, New and Renewable Energy, and Science and Expertise Mahonlumo Kikon, who also addressed the meeting, said that under Narendra Modi after 2014, the relationship between the Center and the North East states as By now things have changed. has been included.

Under Modi’s leadership, Kikon said, visits to the Northeast by Union ministers have become frequent and common, bridging the communication gap between the Center and the northeastern states. This has also helped in accelerating the pace of development in the Northeast.

The IT&C consultant said that penetration of web connectivity is still a major problem especially in rural and remote areas of Nagaland and the telecom companies are skeptical on the need to take it to the lowest level.

KICON also apprised the Union Minister of the need to augment the telecom infrastructure including bandwidth in the State.

Earlier, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, IT&C & Energy, KD Vijo, in his opening remarks expressed optimism that with the intervention of Ministry of Telecom, Nagaland will become an IT hub of not only North East but also South East Asia.

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