How to PlayStation Plus’ Monthly PS5 Games Before

By | March 29, 2021

PS Plus continues to offer “free” games to customers, and in recent months, has even begun offering PlayStation 5 games. If you still don’t have an impossible-to-find PS5, you’re not quite S.O.L. You just have to claim those games through a web browser.

For $ 10 per month (or $ 60 per year), PS Plus allows members to play games online. In addition, customers receive monthly games at no additional cost. (These games are only “free” if you stay signed up. Stop paying your dues, and you’ll lose access.) The offerings aren’t always worth writing about at home, but every now and then, P.S. Plus will put something. True jewels. Recent months have allowed players to connect the likes of the Final Fantasy VII remake, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Gradfall and Fall Friends to their PS4 libraries.

Since the PS5 launched in November, Sony has also made PS5 games available to PS Plus members. First was Bugsnax, a wacky puzzle-adventure game featuring edible insects. In February, the Derby game Destruction Allstars — initially slated as a PS5 launch title with a $ 70 price tag — is where you can still claim it through April 6, then (after that, you can call it Will be able to buy for $ 20.) This month, the amazing Maquette, a wonderful puzzle game about love and heartbreak, is available on PS5.

The easiest way to nab these titles is through the PS5 itself, as the console’s dashboard has a baked-in PS Plus portal. Just click a few buttons, and the game you want will pop into your digital library. In the event that you do not have a PS5, on which you can actually do so, you can claim your game through a browser.

First, visit Sony’s landing page for the monthly PS Plus game.
Click “Learn more” for the game you want, which will take you to its store page.
If you are signed in to the store with the same PlayStation account that signed up for PS Plus, then the price tag should be stripped. Instead of the “Buy” button, you should see the “Add to Library” icon. Click on it.

When you finally get your hands on the PS5, you’ll see all of your claimed games in the console’s game library.

However, there is a small wrinkle with the cross-gen game. For example, Maquette is available on PS4 and PS5 (and, yes, PC). If you grab it via PS Plus, you will only get the PS5 version. To play it on PS4, you need to buy a copy. When Kotaku tested this workaround with Maquette, the game did not show up in our PS4 library, but we were able to download it to the PS5.

A PS5-exclusive game, such as Destruction Allstar, would not be playable on your PS4 at all, but you already knew that.

Destination Allstar, the PlayStation 5-exclusive derby game, will soon sell for $ 20, developer Lucid Games announced today — the game’s original sticker is priced from $ 70 to $ 50.

Last September, during a digital showcase, Sony announced that some PS5 games would cost $ 70, a significant increase over the long-term standard price point of $ 60. One of those games, Destruction Allstar, was initially planned as a PS5 launch title, but was pushed back for three months in October. In February, it became available to PS Plus members at no additional cost. Unlike most “free” PS Plus games, it will last two months instead of one.

After the two-month PS Plus period expires on April 6, Destruction Allstar will sell for $ 20.

Destruction’s Allstars was plagued with some issues of launch, in particular that party chat was turned on by default, with no option to close the game. In addition, voice chat was relayed through that monotonous speaker on the face of PS5 controllers. (I know. Criminal.) An early hotfix addressed the problem, giving players the option to turn off other players.

Purely based on gameplay merit, Destruction Allstar is a lot of fun to burst, and feels a bit like other online games that increase veteran popularity with moments of zero-dollar sticker prices. (See: Fallen People, Rocket League.) It also offers microtransactions. I, for one, would not be surprised at some point in the future before, like Rocket League, $ 0 below the game’s $ 20 price tag.

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