Where is Turntable.fm Is Back, and Here’s How It Works

By | March 26, 2021

The beloved social media music site Turntable.FM is making a surprise comeback in 2013, almost eight years after its closure. In fact, there are two new versions: the original Turntable.FM, recently revived by founder Billy Chansen and Mobile -Focus Turntable.OR, produced by several Turntable.Fam alums.

While both services allow users to create and host personalized avatars or join online listening parties, they differ in their business model, features, and availability.

Turntable.fm retains the original experience of the website. It’s free, and you can create playlists from music available on YouTube. (SoundCloud, too, once integration is activated.) But there is an important catch. Turntable.fm is available now, but only for those who know the password.

You can request a password by submitting your email and your favorite song. If the song is “good”, you will get the password in the email. We have no idea what a turntable is. We consider the song “good” – otherwise, we suggest to help your chances of getting inside.

I have not yet heard of his application. (Hopefully, whoever is handing over the code likes the “dopsmokers” of Sleep.)

Unlike free Turntable.fm, a subscription is required to use Turntable.org. Special reward packages are also available for purchase when you cannot sign up for the service yet, which will give you unique items and discounts for your membership when the turntable dot org goes live. Money goes towards development costs.

The other major difference of the turntable dot org is that users are able to upload and play their own MP3 tracks – they will not be limited to music hosted on other websites. This will help independent artists host their music listening parties.

The epidemic has taken the dating from a difficult and necessary evil to a fundamentally impossible and dangerous temptation. But cases are declining internationally and the U.S. With increasing vaccination rates daily, you will be able to stumble through an awkward date again just like in the old days. And when you do, why would you go to another lame, lackluster walk?

Walking is fine. And that’s really all of this … okay. If you want to wow your potential date, especially after spending months in isolation, you can suggest something a little more creative and fun, while another useless stroll in a park.

We are not out of the wood of the epidemic yet. We can hope for a vaccinated summer in which we can play with people we haven’t seen in a year, but for now, you can opt for a virtual date. Yes, I know, the term “virtual date” does not imply that you might otherwise get together with IRL, but there are some good options out there that may suffice while you wait.

Virtual Escape Room: Do you like solving puzzles, especially when the task at hand is liberating from a (virtual) trap? Make a virtual escape room with your date. These make teamwork a priority and can certainly help you establish early if you and your date can work together (if winning at all costs is your goal).
Taste the wine together: Are two of you drunk? Then taste the wine together and revel in that snowberry. You can buy the same bottle of wine, or order flights of wine to your respective homes, pour a few glasses, log onto a videoconference and eliminate tannins and pretense.
Online Tourism: This may seem like a novelty of theft since the early days of the Internet, but given the options at your disposal these days, it can actually be very good. I mean, you can do a virtual tour of the Louvre, together. Or the Great Wall of China, Georgia Aquarium, or any number of cool options.

A walk is often understood as a facilitator of a discussion, or you type in activity after it becomes too intimate. this is true. But it is also true that your feet can move when you do other things than talk. Of course, given the stubborn nature of this epidemic, wear a mask until both of you have been vaccinated, which is currently cured by the CDC protocol.

Miniature Golf: Is there a soul on this planet who does not love mini golf? This will push you out of your comfort zone, and if you can maintain a positive vibe while competing with a mindless golf course, then you will have a great time.
Picnic: You’re not walking, you’re sitting. But you’re sitting and talking, drinking something delicious and probably snacking on something like charcuterie, if that’s your speed.

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