How to Walking Dead’s Daryl and Carol Power Hour Returns

By | March 13, 2021

In season five of AMC’s The Walking Dead, there was an episode where Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) traveled together from Atlanta in an attempt to rescue Maggie’s sister Beth. It will go down as one of the best of the show.

An almost “exclusively focused” episode on the best relationship (full stop) in the series, the two worked quietly together, facing a lot of threats on the couple’s thoughts, feelings, and bonding without any interaction. Tonight’s episode is similar to how Carol and Daryl practically have the show to themselves, but with fewer results. However, there is even a solid episode of the D&C Power Hour the Walking Dead.

“Find Me” was even quieter than last week’s episode “Home Sweet Home”, again, due to shooting during the epidemic’s early days. Only three people appear in the episode, and only one of them appears on screen simultaneously at the same time. There is more dialogue between Carol and Daryl, but less is said, if you know what I mean.

The two set off intensely to hunt for food and do whatever they can find to help rebuild Alexandria, but in fact, Carol feels extremely guilty that her colony is her personal with Alpha and the Whispers. There was another casualty in the war. A map that floats out of Daryl’s backpack, showing all the places he visited during the show’s years-long time-jump (back in season nine), proves that he didn’t search for Rick is. Carol wants to run and Daryl wants to run towards something, but they both want to run. This episode spends half of its time with Daryl and Carol and the other half fills us in on what happened to Daryl during those years, he searches for Rick.

The short answer is this: He finds Dog, then he finds Dog’s owner, and then he falls in love.

I think this episode has already sent fans to their computers, temporarily typing and angry that Daryl will have a romantic and sexual relationship with someone other than Carol, and that It is a hoax of the highest order. I believe many others believe Daryl has ended a relationship with a woman, when many fans have speculated, and expected, that Daryl was something other than heterosexual. Of course, as we continue her story, we may well find out that she is not so, but part of the character’s charm, and one of her most interesting aspects, was that her sexuality has always been There has been a cipher that projects the hopes of people who could.

Part of that mysterious attraction came to an end tonight, when we got a flashback to Daryl’s time meeting and … I’d say, coitus with Leah (True Blood and X-Men Origins: Wolverine Lynn Collins), because The glimpse reel of their year-long relationship reveals nothing that realizes that the two characters are truly in love. Part of this is their lack of screen time and how their “love” storyline is carried forward, but part of it is that Reed and Collins have zero chemistry to develop chemistry or at least zero Time. Being a decisive part of Daryl’s life comes as a one-night-stand that ends with Leah choosing to live with her, to take life back to Alexandria, or a life quest for Rick. Daryl selects Rick … who takes what seems like a few hours, then changes his mind and goes back to Leh’s cabin to see that it’s trashed and Leah is gone.

Maybe if in the second part of this episode Carol and Daryl are sharing the same easy, incredibly intimate friendship that McBride and Reedus have forced to work on for over a decade, the pair’s relationship is so much Will not be shallow. When the two finally arrive at Leh’s abandoned cabin, Carol can feel Daryl’s pain and knows the best way to help her by allowing her to process her feelings. And when Carol read a note that Daryl had left for Leah to say “I’m with you- find me” she does this after learning this blatant revelation about her best friend and darling her. Let her know what she feels comfortable with. She knows exactly what she needs, and how she should be able to do it.

There is no competition between Daryl and Carol’s relationship and Daryl and Lia’s relationship, and while this can only happen in my head-canon, I’m fine with the guy who’s been single for basically the last five years, Meets a girl who shares the same lifestyle and values, and falls for him. But I think it’s important that Daryl chose Rick, his family – he directly tells Leah that he’s looking for his brother – first, before second guessing and coming back to the cabin. before. Still, he does not search for Leah. He leaves her a note to find her (which will likely be in the Carroll and Daryl spin-off series, coming after Season 11 with the proper ending of The Walking Dead).

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